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Manage Defendants

Track seperate files for each time you work with a defendant, history of checkins, employment history, addresses, previous employers, court dates, as well as the ability to keep running notes. You also have the ability to upload attachments of any kind, spreadsheets, scanned receipts etc and attach them to the defendant.

Bond Tracking

Track bonds and powers per file. Easily move between powers, bonds and their defendants. In-depth reporting allows you to generate reports of liability and premiums for a given time frame. End of the month reporting that calculates amounts owed to your surety company, and Build-up Fund.

Check-In Line

Stop paying for extra employees, and minimize phone calls in your office. Automated phone system takes weekly checkins from your defendants and generates a report of defendants who have not yet checked in. Defendants are read back their next court date everytime they call. No need for additional phone lines in your office.

Court Date Tracking

Easily keep track of upcoming court dates so that you can notify your defendants and indemnitors. Whenever your defendants call the checkin line they will be read back their next court date, as well as optional SMS reminders.


In-depth reporting lets you see the state of your company at any time. What day your defendants most commonly checkin. Liability and premiums over time, end of the month execution and discharged reports.

Security & Backups

BondKeeper is protected by 256-bit encryption. The same technology used by many banks. We are dedicated to keeping your defendants data secure. Backups of your data are performed automaticlly every hour, and backed up to multiple locations in different data centers. No act of nature will leave you without your critical data.

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